Leaders in Grain Management Services

There is more to Rural Logic than buying and selling specific parcels of grain to meet niche market requirements.

“We successfully build and foster effective relationships with growers and customers through increased market access and accumulation networks. This plays a major role in providing our trading partners with optimal outcomes.”

Core beliefs
Our solid reputation is built on these foundations.
  • Business relationships are the cornerstone of everything we do.
  • Reliability/integrity and dependability in how we operate.
  • Agility to adapt and solve issues to best assist our clients.
Our continued success has been built over 25 years by nurturing relationships and developing valuable networks. It is made possible through the vast intellectual property unique to Rural Logic:
  • Invaluable staff experience gained working in various facets of the grain industry.
  • Years of work taken to develop solid relationships
  • Great market access with reliable connections
  • In depth knowledge and understanding of the processes involved
  • Thorough insight to the market and its dynamics
Barley crop, near Ypres Belgium
Rural Logic containers of stockfeed hauled across NW Tasmania. Rural Logic owned B double skel trailers being professionally steered along by Carson Transport
Lentil export packing facility , Wimpak , Minyip - Victoria. Julia O’Keefe, me, GTA Sydney, Rob Imray , Farmarco Toowoomba Qld
Westminster barley crop . Victoria.